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Rising signs in astrology


Rising signs are used to determine the physical and psychological characteristics of a person. In astrology, it allows to differentiate between persons of the same sign.

To calculate it, use the date, time and place of birth of the person. Thus, a person born under the sign of Aries at a specific time of day will have some traits of behavior very different from another person born in another time of day.

We suggest you to enter it below your date and time of birth in order to know the characteristics of your astrological influence ...

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Rising sign ARIES
People with rising sign Aries have a fiery temperament, a self-confidence, ambition and creative. However, they are carried away by their emotions and can be aggressive, violent and irrational.

Rising sign TAURUS
People with rising sign Taurus are materialistic, thoughtful, quiet and a little routine. They are hard workers who make every effort to achieve their goals. However, they do not reflect the risk and sometimes too long to act.

Rising sign GEMINI
People with rising sign Gemini are endowed with great intelligence and beings are brilliant. They have a thirst for knowledge for all areas and like to pass on their knowledge to others. The loneliness is unbearable for them and pushes them into depression.

Rising sign CANCER
People with rising sign Cancer are happy, carefree, idealistic and enjoy contact with others. They are very shy, sometimes a little nostalgic for their childhood but have a romantic heart. However, it should not bother them without fear of reprisals.

Rising sign LEO
People with rising sign Leo are generous ancestors, livable and well-authoritarian impulse. They love challenges and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They fight against those who want to put a spoke in their wheels.

Rising sign VIRGO
People with rising sign Virgo are perfectionists, Librad, accurate and reliable. They act like method, are equipped for analysis and waiting for the right moment to act. However, they not only support the critical and can be aggressive.

Rising sign LIBRA
People with rising sign Libra are classic, refined, sociable and peace. However, their moods are unstable; they fear loneliness and reject all forms of violence.

Rising sign SCORPIO
People with rising sign Scorpio are cold, distant, closed in on themselves and determined. They do not support and confidence can be very aggressive. In addition, they are equipped with high sex drive.

People with rising sign Sagittarius are realistic, ambitious, generous and caring. They are good at communication and love helping others. However, they can make decisions without reflection.

Rising sign CAPRICORN
People with rising sign Capricorn are quiet, laid, cold, lonely and reserved. However, they are often perceived as being too enthusiastic. Thus, they may try to achieve several objectives at once to achieve their goal.

Rising sign AQUARIUS
People with rising sign Aquarius are helpful, caring, endowed with great human qualities and intellectually curious. They are also very difficult to convince, and it is necessary to have good arguments for them.

Rising sign PISCES
People with rising sign Pisces are very sensitive, imaginative, dreamy, and courageous. However, they are desperately short of confidence and do not trust others. They are also good at the occult.


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