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Decans characteristics (following)

First Decan: from September 23 to October 3
The first decan of Libra is idealistic, elegant, and loves sincerity and good manners.

Second Decan: October 4 to October 13
The second decan of Libra is persistent, sociable, faithful and loves human interaction and sense of justice.

Third Decan: October 14 to October 22
The third decan of Libra is altruistic, very sociable and caring.

First Decan: October 23 to November 2
The first decan of Scorpio is proud, pretentious, determined, elusive and can be very violent against his enemies.

Second Decan: November 3 to November 12
The second decan of Scorpio is proud, introverted, sensual, reliable and rather reserved.

Third Decan: from November 13 to November 22
The third decan of Scorpio is possessive, jealous and passionate.

First Decan: from 23 November to 2 December
The first decan of Sagittarius is independent, generous, courageous and like to be admired by those around him.

Second Decan: December 3 to December 12
The second decan of Sagittarius is idealistic, very sociable, spontaneous and loves to travel.

Third Decan: December 13 December 21
Third decan of Sagittarius is a party animal, spontaneous, good at business but not very dynamic.

First Decan: December 22 to December 31
The first decan of Capricorn is persistent, careful, sociable, which assures the success professionally and emotionally.

Second Decan: January 1 to January 11
The second decan of Capricorn is very persistent, tenacious, but also explosive and aggressive.

Third Decan: January 12 to January 20
The third decan of Capricorn is a perfectionist, capable of accomplishing great things, but can quickly become discouraged.

First Decan: January 21 to February 1
The first decan of Aquarius is violent, aggressive, has a strong personality, but known to be generous with others.

Second Decan: February 2 to February 11
The second decan of Aquarius has a predisposition for the arts, sociable, spontaneous and friendly.

Third Decan: February 12 to February 18
The third decan of Aquarius is creative, thoughtful, talkative and attracted by the art world.

First Decan: February 19 to February 29
The first decan of the Pisces is anxious, sensitive, attracted by the religion and idealistic.

Second Decan: March 1 to March 10
The second decan of the Pisces is sociable, generous, sensitive and quite vulnerable.

Third Decan: March 11 to March 20
The third decan of the Pisces is changing, hesitant, sensitive and generous.


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