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Learn about Geomancy


Geomancy or divination of the earth comes from the Greek ge meaning land and manteia, which means divination.

It is a technique of divination based on the observation of stones thrown.

Geomancy appeared in Europe during the Renaissance after being introduced by the Arabs. Geomancy and its calculation are based on the analysis of the combination of four single or double (or dots and dashes).

The draw in Geomancy

Geomancy is based on sixteen figures. The idea is to throw four stones in four rows on the sand or soil, or small vertical lines that are drawn without counting by focusing on the question. This gives a result even or odd-shaped figure. This is what we call geomantic figures. With this draw, the consultant will know the answer to the question or questions they have.

The sixteen figures of Geomancy

Via (the Way) this figure is the destiny, the path and start
Cauda draconis
(Tail of the Dragon)
this figure represents the bad, the decline and lying
Puer (the boy) this figure indicates the strength, action and impulsivity
Fortuna minor
(Fortune Minor)
this figure shows the glory and triumph-time
Puella (the Maiden) this figure evokes the sweetness, innocence and beauty
Amissio (Loss) this figure shows the loss of money, failure and challenges
Carcer (Prison) this figure refers to the partitioning, the deprivation of liberty and the obstacle
Laetitia (joy) this figure represents joy, optimism, enthusiasm and generosity
Caput Draconis
(the Dragon's Head)
this figure represents prudence, truth and the rise
(the conjunctiva)
this figure symbolizes the meeting and exchange
Acquisitio (Gain) this figure indicates the future fortune, the acquisition and ownership
Rubeus (Red) this figure represents the red, passion, fever and anger
( Fortuna Major)
this figure refers to the luck and happiness
Albus (White) this figure represents the white, purity and marriage
Tristitia (Sadness) this figure embodies anxiety, discouragement and pessimism
Populus (The People) this figure symbolizes the gathering crowd and stability


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