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Sunday 27 May 2018
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Alain Souchon

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General climate
Most of the year is undoubtedly the influence of Nguyet Duc. This planet beneficial affect all areas of your life . In areas where the other planets support you , Nguyet Duc enhance their positive impact. And in areas where you will be subject to more delicate astral influences , the presence of Nguyet Duc will effectively mitigate the harm.

This year, it is not a boost of luck that will upset your destiny suddenly you think , . Especially since you are not just worn to overflowing optimism ... Well, you are wrong, because you will benefit from the superb protection from the sun Luu Nien . What do you expect the new year? Only euro millions fall in your purse ? It is only in this area of your life that Luu Nien is the most active . So what else? Can not you guess ? You have excuses . The star Luu Nien promises happiness in family, an area where you would not have thought . Yet those are your relationships with your loved ones will be protected. Your children, especially , will be the source of your biggest happiness. Trust them , they'll fill you up. And if you do not have kids , get there fast!

First quarter :  At this time , if you are married and happy with your spouse, astral influences simply result in an alternation of tender moments and some small tensions. However, some natives of Earth will take years of passion for someone else ; attention the risk of divorce will be important , keep that in mind ! If you live alone , a planetary cocktail will have the effect of causing a crush important, but also put you face difficult choices.

Second quarter :  Strong turbulent relations with your spouse or partner perspective ! Your cabin will be quite shaken . But at least you will not feel like you are stuck in the routine. Your married life will be increased , and these strong emotions may be not to displease you . Be careful though, it will know how far to go too far! Think of the sensibilities of others, especially if it is a native of Chat . Most single sign their love live on a roller coaster , but they do not complain!

Third quarter :  You will , quite spontaneously , think about what you really want in love, which will take you probably make important choices . Most of you will prefer the commitment and loyalty , but some natives may decide to grant a period of great lover of freedom, which could lead to complications. Yet if you take a heart , the star Hoa Quyen will make you a present of a momentous meeting.

Fourth quarter :  Led Vu Khuc the planet , you will be determined to take maximum good time, and nothing and nobody can stop you. In short, your partner will be more interest in understanding and supportive than ever, and ignore your pranks . However, if you make an effort to put yourself in the place of one who shares your life, and to reflect their desires , you will not regret it ! If you are single , a return of passion could very well arise these days and reverse your existence. If this happens, you will feel all weird and Dizzy . Yet you have the habit of falling in love the first pretty heart that goes!

First quarter :  With this aspect of the planet Linh Tinh , needless to say you committed to improving your professional situation. But it will probably not be very easy : success will not fall you all cooked in the nose ! Far from discouraging , potential obstacles strengthen your will and fighting spirit. Your stubbornness will probably pay , but only if you do not fall into an unnecessarily aggressive behavior.

Second quarter :  Your career could benefit from a brilliant idea that you have these days , because the planet Binh Phuc enter your heaven at the beginning of the period. For safety, do not hesitate to consult an expert , because you do not necessarily know all the ins and outs of your idea. Anyway , very persuasive this time , you might make sparks in your business.

Third quarter :  The position of the star An Quang will highlight your professional life. You'll want to shine and succeed, and your great wit will help you make sparks. Caution simply the atmosphere at your place of work , which will be rather tense. You who hate fighting , you would do well to avoid taking sides in the quarrels of each other.

Fourth quarter :  You are likely to suggest topics of work or projects that will seem quite good , or at least plausible. Attention to possible pitfalls ! Your ability of clairvoyance is somewhat obscured by the action of the sun Bat Toa badly aspected . Think carefully and, if possible , take advice before making any important decision , you will avoid problems later. That said, your daily work will give you immense satisfaction.

First quarter :  Good physical, in principle. Protected by the planet Hoa Loc in harmony with your sign, you should have no trouble dealing with a rhythm of life yet stressful enough . Only downside : Given the impact of the star Tau Thu on your health, you should take care to protect you against microbial and viral infections. If you are considering starting a new diet or fitness , the time is very favorable , especially in March.

Second quarter :  No major health concern side problem. Perhaps a small drop of vitality and tone, or light cardiovascular disorders to predict those who are predisposed . Some of you accuse signs of fatigue, which will only be the manifestations of their anxiety or light their inner tension. A first remedy in this case: a healthy and well-regulated life. And do not consider the relaxation and rest as unnecessary or superfluous. Keep up the sport. Do not hesitate to take a nap during the weekends.

Third quarter :  Good physical balance. However, you must ensure that the impact of planets Duong Phu Giai Than, which will once again make you a little nervous or anxious . Try to relax before bedtime to avoid insomnia. You will also be more sensitive than usual to communicable diseases because the star Luu Ha subtly weaken your immune system . By cons , if you suffer from digestive disorders , improvement is in sight.

Fourth quarter :  At this time , you may become more greedy than gourmet . You will not be for sophistication : the amount primera quality. Of course, you love good recipes of terroir - the cassoulet bouillabaisse through good old sauerkraut. But a salad of freshly picked tomatoes, sprinkled with chervil, or a beautiful dish of potatoes with butter and parsley also make your delights. And you do not neglect good wine, your guilty pleasure . So, of course , your digestive system will eventually be weakened . So remember to temper your appetite and remember that " the mouth kills more people than the sword " ( French proverb ).

First quarter :  Be very careful regarding your finances. You risk nothing serious if you stay attentive and if you carefully control your expenses. But if you lack discipline, you may pay dearly . Why ? Just because Long Tri planet restriction will be disharmony with the planet My Tang . Caution , therefore , the omissions in your accounts, and a poor understanding of your situation , which would cause you to take too many risks on the financial plan.

Second quarter :  The star Phuong Cac featured in your theme will be very favorable financial terms . You will luck, success and broad life. There will be significant movement of money , sometimes unexpected , often in relation to the distant abroad. Better luck in gambling , successful initiatives in transactions involving foreign securities . But beware of freeloaders!

Third quarter :  No planet will directly affect the money sector of your chart , and you can manage your budget quietly . Ton Loc , one of the positive planets in financial terms , as you favor , you may even be able to improve your income or savings. Attention simply not to spend everything on a whim , and in addition to something that does not worth it. Favorable period for the purchase of appliances.

Fourth quarter :  You will not hesitate to take financial risks in the hope of developing your position faster. This should succeed , thanks to the tonic impulses of the star Tau Thu . But be very discreet , do not know your intentions to people other than trusted advisors , "Do not spread your entrails for the crows feed on them " ( Thai proverb ) . You will probably also some good cash flow.

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