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Learn about numerology

What is Numerology?


The figures are part of everyday life. Indeed, we spend our days to count, to quantify, to list, but what do the figures mean? Do the figures have hidden meanings ?

Did you know that we are all influenced by the number of our birth or more commonly known as "life path number"?

Numerology is a pseudoscience based on the belief in the allocation of properties of figures. We propose you to help you better understand this phenomenon.

Numerology is a pseudoscience that includes a set of beliefs and practices based on the allocation of properties to numbers in context.

Numbers or life path numbers do not change during the life of an individual. Life path numbers possess the ability to read our fate in all fields as love, life and health. Thanks to the numerology, we can analyze our character and personality.

How to calculate your life path number?

The calculation is very simple. You just have to add up all the digits of the date of birth.

For example : Peter is born April 21 in 1987
The life path will be calculated like this:
2+1+4 (april) +1+9+8+7 =32 then 3+2=5
Thelife path number of Peter is 5.

Other example :Patricia is born 14 January in 1960
The calculation is 1+4+1 (January) +1+9+6+0= 22.
Thelife path number of Patricia will be 22.

We shall see later that the life path numbers 11 and 22 have their own characteristics and should therefore not be added.

How to find out your life path number?

Meanings of numerology life path numbers

   Click on one of the life path number   below and find his characterizations.

Number1 Number2 Number3
Number4 Number5 Number6
Number7 Number8 Number9
Number11 Number22

The life path number of the month

Life path number of the monthEach month, we offer you a better understanding of a life path numbers. Discover the features of the life path number of this month...

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