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What is palmistry?


The study of palmistry or chiromancy is a divination art of interpreting the lines and other signs of hand.

This divinatory art can, by reading the lines, discover elements of the personality of a person, to determine their future and the events that occur during its life.

The term "palmistry" comes from two Greek words which mean one hand and the other divination. Palmistry therefore means divination of the hand or more commonly the reading hand.

The origins of Palmistry

origins of PalmistryDo you know the Palmistry? Discover the origins of the discipline that allows the interpretation of the lines of the hand...


Read palms lines

Lines of the handWho has not dreamed of knowing what the future holds and will be? Discover if our whole destiny was written and predicted on the palms lines...


Read forms of hand

Forms of the handDo you know that there are seven different types of hand? Come discover what lies behind the forms of your hands...


Read forms of fingers

Forms of the fingersWhat do you know the shape of your fingers? Do you know that they reveal information about your personality traits...


Read mounts of hand

Mounts of the handDo you know the meaning of all the mounts of your hand? Click and discover their good influence and their bad influence on our destiny...


Read signs of hand

Signs of the handClick and discover the meaning and the characteristics of these multiple crossing signs and draw our both hands and more...



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