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The Tarot is a divination art relatively new in relation to other divination arts since found that the first tarot back to the sixteenth century in Italy.

However, nowadays, the Tarot is prominent in the practice of divination in the world.

The types of Tarot are many, from the Persian Tarot to the Egyptian Tarot and the Belline Oracle, and known among them the Tarot of Marseille. So want to know more about these divination and significance of their blades?

Learn about Tarology

tarologyWhat do you really know the Tarot? Click and discover its origins, its practice, and the different types of tarot cards that are used...


Chinese Tarot

Chinese TarotHave you ever heard of Chinese Tarot? What do you know about the tarot the best known and most widely used in Asia? Come find out...


Tarot of Marseille

tarot marseilleThis tarot is by far the most widely used throughout the West. Discover the key characteristics of its major and minor arcana...


Belline Oracle

Belline OracleDiscover the Oracle Belline, created in the nineteenth century by the "Mage Edmond" and largely inspired by the Tarot of Marseille cards!


Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian TarotDo you know the Tarot Egyptian? He is currently the oldest known tarot and largely inspired by mythology and Egyptian culture...


Persian Tarot

Persian TarotDiscover the Persian Tarot created by Indira in the 80s. Discover this tarot largely inspired by the Indian civilization...



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